Plan Your Tour

This page is for you, the party planner. Use this page to help answer any and all questions to help plan your tour with us.

As of March 1st 2024, we will no longer allow BYOB to more fully comply with Nashville beer & liquor laws in conjunction with the Transportation and Licensing Comission.

We will offer a large variety of permitted beverages for purchase onsite or online that are allowed onto your party bus in correlation with Nashville beer laws.

Hours of Operation

Party Bus Operations

Monday - Sunday: 9am-11pm


Monday - Saturday: 9am -7pm

Party Bus Tour Requirements

Every guest must sign a participant form.

If you have a participant under the age of 18 (PRIVATE TOURS ONLY, NO ALCOHOL PRESENT), a parent or legal guardian must sign the participant waiver form.

Must Bring Valid ID

Everyone must bring a valid US ID or valid Passport. Each ID will be scanned for authentication. No expired IDs will be accepted. Neither a paper copy or picture of your ID will be accepted.

Participants under 21.

Due to Nashville city regulations, participants under 21 years old are NOT allowed on Public Party Bus tours. Those under 21 may participate in a Private Party bus tour, but there can be NO ALCOHOL PRESENT whatsoever. There are absolutely no exceptions.

There is no smoking.

Smoking is not permitted once you board the bus

What to Bring

Dress appropriately for the weather.

Comfortable clothes are recommended. Rain can come and go very quickly so we recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet.

Your ID

Please bring your ID ready to be checked by security. Those without an ID or other legal form of ID will NOT be allowed to ride.


It can get really sunny. We recommend you properly protect yourself.

Musical Playlist - Spotify

(Private Tours Only) Compile your best playlist to be played on your bus tour.

Bring any necessary medication.

Items such as inhalers, nitroglycerine pills, or epi-pens.


If you plan on taking them off we recommend having a strap.

Cash for a tip

Cash may be given to our staff as a tip if they performed an excellent level of service during your tour.

Do Not Bring

Do not bring glass of any kind

Including glass beet bottles, liquor bottles, or glass objects of any kind

Do Not Bring Water

Do not bring any outside beverages including water or non alcoholic beverages. We sell them on premise.

We do not allow offensive signs, objects, inflatables or clothing

These items are subject to being removed by company staff. These can be offensive signs for people to read, offensive inflatable objects of the human anatomy, or clothing that would be offensive or intolerant to others.


No BYOB As of 03/01/24, we’re no longer BYOB. To better comply with Nashville’s mobile beer permit laws kindly require all beverages alcoholic or non alcoholic be bought on premise to be loaded onto your party bus.

Leave valuable items at home

We can hold onto your phone and car keys behind the front desk. Everything else must be left in the car.

Additional restricted party favors

Do Not Bring Confetti poppers, glitter bombs or bags of beads as they may be thrown off bus which is not tolerated.

Important Policies

Cancellation Policy

What is the "Travel Protection Plan?"

To help protect our guests from unforeseen events, Honky Tonk Party Express offers each tour a "Travel Protection" plan. This plan is non-refundable, add-on that can be purchased at the time of checkout. The optional "Travel Protection" plan adds a layer of protection to our guests for a full 100% refund in the event you can not attend your reserved tour time due to extenuating circumstances.

The Travel Protection Plan ensures our guests a 100% refund up until 10-days prior to the reservation date/time. If a guest with travel protection should cancel inside of the 10-day window, they MAY be eligible for a partial refund with proper documentation showing an extenuating circumstance preventing their group from attending their reserved time (including but not limited to: hospitalization, death in the family, vehicle accident, travel cancellations out of guest's control such as flight cancellation, natural disasters or acts of terrorism, etc...)

Weather Policy

The weather can be really unpredictable sometimes - even the meteorologists get it wrong sometimes! We do our best to monitor the weather and keep our guests and staff safe should an iffy situation arise. The Honky Tonk Party Express run rain or shine and the only time we would ever consider canceling a tour due to weather would be if there is a severe warning directly impacting downtown Nashville at the time or during the time of the existing reservation. If HTPE ever has to cancel on account of the weather, guests will receive a full refund or an option to reschedule if available. Guests will not receive a refund should they choose to cancel due to the weather.

Music Policy

Staff members reserve the right to skip, remove or ban certain songs or playlists they deem inappropriate or offensive while on the bus. No refunds will be given to any guest or group if a staff member chooses to exercise our music policy.

Late Arrivals

  • Private Tour – If you are late, we will wait for your all your group to arrive but we will still end tour on time.
  • Public Tour – If you are not at the bus at least 20 minutes before we begin you tour can be cancelled as a “No Show.” Out of respect for other riders on the tour we must place a strict on time policy. It would not be fair to cut into your tour time because you were waiting on someone else. So it’s not fair to others. Please be at least 20 minutes early for your tour.

General FAQ

What is the Honky Tonk Party Express?

We are Nashville’s first and only roofless party bus. We service bachelorette/ bachelor parties, birthday parties, themed parties, pub crawls, corporate outings and even parades. We can best be described as a Honky Tonk on Wheels or Mardi Gras meets Nashville. Our party bus caters to groups as small as 6 to large groups of 25.

Complete with a massive sound system, your Nashville party bus also comes with a fully built bar, VIP bartender, LED dance floor and the best way to experience the city. The party bus tour lasts for 2 hours and operates in the Downtown Nashville core.

Does the bus really come with a VIP Bartender?

Yes! Every tour provides you with your very own bartender. We will store all of your beverages, and prepare any drink your group has brought on the party bus. We will also take photos of your crew and even give you recommendations on places to visit.

Are we allowed to stand while the party bus is in motion?

Your Party bus only goes 12 MPH.

Yes, you are allowed to stand while your party bus is in motion. We encourage your Nashville Party crew to be seated while the party bus is in motion. *STANDING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK*

How many people can fit on the party bus?

A minimum of (6) with a maximum of (25) Have a large group? Not a problem. Call us!! We can combine our entire fleet to host groups up to 200 people.

Need extra time? We gotcha! Call us for extended tours, shuttle service, wedding transportation. We can do extended hours, full day rates even entire weekend rentals.

How early should our Nashville party arrive?

We suggest arriving 1 hour early for your party bus. This is to ensure your aren’t late for your party bus and we get your checked in for departure. Also our depot offers a full bar, food, music, murals, a boutique shop for party accessories as well as a beer cave for all your drinks for the bus.

Is there a bathroom on the party bus?

No. There is not a bathroom on the party bus, BUT we do take at least (1) restroom break one hour into your tour.

The bathroom stop includes a private parking lot and a quick walking visit to a local bar for food, drinks or a restroom break. 15 min break max!

Do we mainly party on the party bus or is this a bar crawl?

Great question! We’ve built the party bus to be your private bar on wheels. Other than taking a bathroom break or getting a quick drink in a bar, the party bus is made to be all-inclusive bar/party/dance floor for you & your party. Your party bus is complete with a full built-in bar with a VIP bartender.

Do we go through Downtown Nashville?

Yes. Your party bus will go through and around Downtown Nashville but we do not have a specific route. Occasionally Lower Broadway has street closures, which may or may not prevent us from operating in Downtown Nashville. But, we are Nashville’s #1 party bus, so we can go to other fun areas and still have a great time. So no worries! (So please note Downtown is not guaranteed)

Can I throw things off the party bus?

No! You are never allowed to throw anything off your party bus for any reason. Not even trash. No not give people on the streets food or beverages. Throwing anything off the party bus or handing others on the street food or beverage could lead to an immediate ejection from your tour with no refund. We take this rule very seriously. Don’t be that person!

Do I need to book the party bus advance?

Yes, booking in advance is highly recommended. We will allow bookings the day of if we are available to perform a tour. Booking in advance is the only way to guarantee your awesome Nashville party bus experience.

Can we decorate the party bus?

Yes! We allow all types of decorations as long as they are non-offensive and appropriate. Remember, there are children that do walk through downtown Nashville. Advance notice is required for approval and staff must approve once decorated. Our staff has the right to ask you to remove any decorations for any reason. Not doing so can forfeit your tour.

What if it rains or there is bad weather?

We operate rain, shine, hot or cold. Each bus offers a covered roof during rainy days and it acts as a sun shade for hot and bright days. The party bus is open air so always dress for the weather.

What if I need to cancel my tour?

Due to the recent changes in travel plans due to the Coronavirus, our cancellation policy has been modified. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

What should I bring on the party bus?

Cash: Please bring plenty of cash. This not only will help with tipping the staff but also help with purchasing drinks when we make a pit stop at bar.

ID: Please bring your ID (Must be 21 years old if alcohol is on the bus) Everyone gets ID’ed.

Sunscreen: You never know!

What if I leave something on the party bus?

We are not responsible for items left or stolen on the party bus during or after a tour. We can store items on the party bus, but we can not guarantee their safety. We will hold items left on the party bus for 5 days before discarding them.

What if I want to add someone to my party bus group last minute?

We do not recommend this but understand people are late to sign up.

  • Private Rental – Company needs 24-hour notice of change in group size. If 24 hours notice is not optional, group must check-in with host day of the tour, get extra person(s) ID, wristbanded and waivers must be signed. NO RANDOM PICKUPS WILL BE ALLOWED ONCE TOUR BEGINS.
  • Public tour – an Extra person must purchase seat online before the tour begins. They will be added to the manifest, ID'd , wristbanded and loaded. NO CASH PAYMENT to driver, bartender or host for any tour seat purchased. No digital receipt, no tour.

Safety Standards

Tennessee Department of Transportation Certified

The Honky Tonk Party Express performs annual DOT vehicle safety inspections on all our "for-hire" vehicles. These safety inspections are conducted each year, using a DOT certified 3rd party inspector. The inspection is to ensure the vehicles are in working condition, roadworthy for passengers, and do not need any type of major mechanical needs that would prevent them from being operational.

MetroTransportation License Commission Certificate

Beginning 6/1/22 The City of Nashville will require each vehicle "for-hire" to hold and maintain a city permit. Check back for more information as it becomes available.

Vehicles Pre-Checked Before Tours

Every driver performs a 32 point vehicle "pre-check" inspection before each tour. The inspection is recorded on an inspection report and filed for use for any future audits with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. A vehicle is grounded and may not be used for transportation services if a major issue is identified on the vehicle.

Alcohol Beverage Commission Certified Bartenders

Every bartender/host that is on board a tour is ABC certified or certified by the Tennessee Alcoholic Board Comission to serve alcohol.

Experienced Commercial Driver Licnesed drivers

Each driver must have a current Commerical Drivers License either Class "A" or "B" as required by the Department of Transportation. Furthermore, each driver must also maintain a current physical card ensuring each driver is physically capable to drive and must have a "P" or passenger endorsement to transport passengers for hire. Our drivers are some of the best drivers on-road and each driver must pass a rigorous background check and have maintained an excellent driving record for up to 7 years even before being considered to be hired by the Honky Tonk Party Express.

Drug-Free Employees

As required by law, our employees are randomly drug tested each year to ensure our workplace is a drug-free environment.

In-house Bus design & Build

Our company designs and custom builds all our modified vehicles in-house. Whether it's upgrading the light and sound systems, to completely building out a custom party bus to minor repair work or standard yearly modifications. We do this to ensure the best quality parts are used, building a quality product, and for repaid repair work to prevent vehicle downtime.

42" in-rail height

All of our open-air vehicles that have rails are built to the standard National construction law rail height of at least 42 inches in height to ensure proper safety.

Full insured as required by the City of Nashville

Our company is properly insured and permitted as required by the City of Nashville with "For-Hire" passenger transportation services.

GPS monitored vehicles

We are the only party bus company that GPS monitors all our vehicles for speed, route, location, safety, and help with preventive maintenance.