Advertise with Honky Tonk Party Express and Reach Millions

There's no better way to reach millions of customers in the country's top tourist destination than with your branded 38ft moving billboard bus in the heart of Downtown Nashville.

Extended your Brand: A record-breaking 14.1 million people visited Nashville in 2017. This number is up by 4% from 13.7 million visitors in 2016 and up 7% from 13.1 million visitors in 2015.

Target Millenials: 48% of our riders are between the ages of 24-35%. Women compose 68% of our riders, much of whom social media savvy sharing their experiences online.

Associate Your Brand with Fun: Our open-air buses are unquestionably unique with 93% of our riders having ridden for the 1st time. Associate your brand with the fun and excitement as guests enjoy their experience as a 1st-time rider.

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